Mom, keep calm!
Stop searching for answers,
losing more time and suffering heartache…

Everything You Need to Get Back the Love

❤ Compassion
❤ No Judgment
❤ Fast Results

Hundreds of Moms.
Thousands of Smiles.
Priceless Calm.

Reclaim Your Calm…Today

Never Wonder Again If You’ll Feel Happy



Why wander through another day hoping it might get better? What could be gained from suffering another blow-up? Why put up with the friction, drama and outbursts…as if that’s “just how it is”?

At Mom Keep Calm, we have exactly what you need to reclaim your calm and restore the LOVE. We show you how in simple, easy, powerful steps…that you can start today.

Getting the Help You Need at Mom Keep Calm Is Easy:


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Proven Resources To Get Your Life Back

So You Can Focus On Calm and Love



Calmer conversations
Deeper understanding
Warmer interactions
Improved behavior
Greater respect

Working With
Mom Keep Calm Is Painless

A Calm Mom Is An Empowered Mom


Tired of the struggle of trying to find a better way
but don’t know where to turn?

We designed Mom Keep Calm to end the pain
of daily conflict at home with your daughter.
We have everything you need—in one place—
that will empower you to restore the love,
reduce the drama and renew the love.

Let the conflict-habit go!

Grab hold of joy!

Start Today!


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Haven’t you waited long enough? It doesn’t have to be this way. You can feel better. You can enjoy life again. And, yes, you can connect again with your daughter in a loving, calm, consistent way…both ways!

Start now by registering for our next webinar! In addition, you can listen to recorded webinars, plus download LOADS of free resources… in the next 5 minutes!

What Moms Are Saying

Janet’s warmth allows you to relax and let go of what’s holding you back. Her keen insight and gentle guidance allow you to see your problem or issue with new, fresh eyes.  Her musically lilting voice eases you into a state of health and good vibes.  I could listen to her and learn from her all day.  I highly recommend working with Janet.  She will help you change your life.

Renee Settle

Author & Creator,

Janet was fun to work with…and really was willing to go outside her comfort zone to figure out what would work best (for me).

She has great energy & an obvious love and appreciation for others.

Janet is CRAZY GOOD at what she does!

Wendy Alexandre

Business Coach, "The Results Boss"

Janet truly cares about her client and listens from her heart. Janet made me feel comfortable and helped me to easily connect with her from the very beginning.

She also demonstrated sincere concern for me and my situation. Janet was able to ask powerful questions from a place of compassion and concern.

LouAnn Zerger

Business Coach, Accelerate My Practice

Spending time talking with Janet was productive and gave me some great clarity about my relationships with my kids. Janet asks great questions and listens attentively, prompting some useful insights and discovery. Through my conversations with her, I was able to solidify my thoughts and a plan of action in how to move forward with one of the daughters in a sensitive area of our relationship.

Nichole Stull

Mom with four daughters!, Homefront

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