Our Company

Mom Keep Calm is a transformation incubator for moms and anyone serving the needs of kids.

A Relationship Agency

We’re all about improving relationships between moms and their children

Forward Thinking

Getting expert help saves you time, unwanted chaos and pain

Problem Solvers

There’s no shame in getting stuck. There’s no glory in staying that way.

Customer Support

We’re a small company, so you just might find us helping someone when you reach out. We will get back to you.

Our Story

There’s no role you play that is more important than being a mom. And we all want to be the best mom we can be, right?

  • Mom Keep Calm Website Completion 85% 85%
  • Resource Development for Moms 70% 70%
  • New Resources Development 50% 50%
  • Client Happiness 95% 95%


CRN: Chief Relationship Ninja

The mastermind behind it all



CGA: Creative Graphics Assistant

Graphic designer (and Engineering major), Jessica is also a published author.



TTG: Tech Troglodyte Guru

Joel generally loves technology when it works. But when it doesn’t? He’d rather work on an old car.

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