About Janet Lund,
The Mom Whisperer

Janet Lund, Founder of MKC

About Janet

Janet is a Master Relationship Coach. Sounds cool, right? While it actually is cool, experience counts for a LOT more than certifications and whatnot. What really matters to the moms that Janet works with is her astonishingly deep experience as a mom, coupled with her many years of working with hundreds of moms with teenagers.

It’s that “you’ve walked in in my shoes” experience that really matters.

From Janet

Hi, I’m Janet Lund and, just like you, am a mom of a teenage daughter. She’s in her 20s now and an amazing young lady. But, just like you, when I needed resources to help me in those early, what-are-these-hormones?-days, it was hard to find solid, helpful stuff. So hard, in fact, that it actually inspired me to become a certified life coach, specializing in helping moms with teen (and preteen) daughters.

By the way, I’ve worked with hundreds of moms just like you. You’re not in this alone.

Since the moment I laid eyes on her I have been crazy in love with my daughter! But I was scared of the teenage years. Would we make it through them?

My career has involved working with hundreds of moms and their daughters. I saw some painful relationships. At the time it wasn’t always clear to me why. I was terrified my relationship would end up like that! That was the last things I wanted!

So from the beginning, it was my mission to have a close connection with my baby girl. A strong enough bond that would not only survive but thrive during the teenage years! Well, we have! But it was not easy! It was hard. I made a lot of mistakes! I learned a lot of things along the way! (Did I mention a lot of mistakes?!)

So now I have made it my mission to help you develop a special bond with your daughter that stays strong even as it weathers the storm of her teenage years.

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