Janet Lund



Speaker on Matters of the Heart

Speaking comfort and truth to women facing difficult challenges and relational heartbreak.

You’re in for a special treat when Janet is speaking at your event. Because with 20 songs already on iTunes, Janet blends music into her uplifting presentations.

By weaving her words around an upbeat, smooth, and sometimes whimsical Americana music style, Janet’s message feels more like a conversation. But one that you’ll be happily humming days later.

About Janet Lund

Janet Lund is a delightfully engaging woman. She has the ability to speak comfort and truth to women facing difficult challenges and heartbreak.

You see, Janet lives with chronic pain every day.

At the age of 8, this shy girl bought her own guitar, using up her entire allowance. Over 22 years she played all the time, led a popular girl’s quartet, and even sang to an audience of 10,000…solo and acapella.

Then, at 30, while juggling a full-time career, loving her 3-year old, and celebrating her 10th anniversary, chronic pain overtook her life. Her career ended. She was unable to cook, play her guitar or lift her daughter.

Her long season of anguish had begun.

More than a decade has passed. You will be moved by her story of hope and purpose.

Photo by Dallas Brockett

My Why

My why? Well, I love speaking on music, ministry, motherhood, chronic pain/illness, and from time to time, stuff that doesn’t fit any of these topics.

Because it is my intent to create relevant, insightful and usable content for your day-to-day living, especially if you are a mom, a female musician/artist, or both. If you find yourself challenged by life—and can’t quite see how it’s “a bowl of cherries”—then I am speaking and writing for you.

I hope to lift you up, cheer you on and maybe make you laugh.

Recently, Janet co-founded Prepare For Rain. She never expected to find herself in the role of a business start-up owner. It was in response to a clear calling on her heart that she dove in, along with Joel (her husband). She believes that every person who strives to fulfill their dreams and reach their full potential can positively impact others to do the same.

She is an accomplished singer-songwriter. Her music style is best-described as Americana, but she easily switches to blues, even tossing in a little country or pop along the way. You can find 20 examples on iTunes. The themes that show up in her music touch on meeting life’s challenges with grace and humor, providing hope even in the darkest hours.

Janet’s message always focuses on “pushing through challenges.” There are a lot of people who struggle with what life throws at them. As someone who deals with chronic pain, she gets it. Having a support system—people who are there to help—matters.

Janet’s music and words can become part of your support team.


Daring Mama Bear Parenting

Daring greatly (from Brené Brown) is challenging enough, right?  Nurturing kids isn’t for sissies. But not only can it be done, it can be your proudest achievement.

Do your members ever:

  • Feel like everything they do as a Mom is less than perfect?
  • That raising daughters is impossible?
  • That the teen years should be skipped over?

Janet has been there. She understands. And she brings hope, humor and comfort.

Featured Talks & Topics

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What’s the difference between a life of abundance and living abundantly?

It’s big!

And it’s not what you think.

The Fine Art of Living Like Xena

What is it about being an empowered woman do we have trouble with?



The media?

Inner voices?

We’ll reveal them all…and then lean in to them.

And it will be awesome!

Prepare For Rain

You know those times in your life when you feel like you’re in an emotional desert?

We’ll tackle the noise first.

Then we’ll learn the simple steps you can take to get out of “dry seasons” in your business or personal life.

Watson’s Way

Whether you’re a “dog person” or not, you’ll love learning from one.

Watson is a brilliant teacher.

Listen to–and laugh along–as Janet shares life-changing lessons for living…from a dog.

A very smart dog.

And cute. Inexpressably cute!

Watch a sample video

Live audience. Windy day. No tripod for our cameraman. What could go wrong?

Still, an audience favorite.

“Sweet Idaho”

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Janet’s speaking and performance experience is extensive. She has touched audiences far and wide, as far as Norway. Many of her songs are used in worship gatherings around the U.S. and Canada.

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