Calm Mom Courses and Memberships

Release Your Inner Super Mom Powers!

Our “Calm Mom Courses & Memberships are designed for crazy-busy women who really need a little boost of knowledge here and a wee behavioral nudge there.

All so that they can be the woman they want to be with the teen (and preteen) girls in their lives.

So, whether you’re a mom of one (or ten+) girls, or a stepmom, or a grandma, aunt, older cousin, guardian, or close friend, with the amazing—and daunting—task of nurturing a teen or preteen girl while she navigates the troubled waters of adolescence… we have you covered.

Dozens of Resources

Here’s a short list of our trainings

Timeless…and just-in-time. Save your sanity. Deepen your calm. Enhance your skills. Empower your daughter(s). Be the mom you know you can be, with just a little help, encouragement and an occasional kick in the pants.

Icon - Tiger

Taming the Tiger

Some days it’s her. Somedays it’s you. The claws are out! So, taming the tiger is an important skill for both of you.

Icon - Crocodile

Calming the Croc

Like a stealthy croc, your girl can rise up suddenly with terrible bites. Helping her to calm down is a… challenge.

Icon - Frenchie

Barking Begone

Unleashed hormones are, well, often turbulent. But there are key steps to quiet your barking, snarling (pre)teen.

Icon - Cricket

Waking the Cricket

There can be so many reasons she goes silent. Getting the “cricket’s” treatment is tricky to overcome.

Icon - Elephant

Positive Memory

The teen years are hard. It’s easy to lock in on unhelpful memories. Learn the strategy to go healthy!

Icon - Octopus

Organized Occupi

Let’s face it. The pace of life is NUTS. Level up your organizing hacks and rock your calendaring conflicts like a boss.

Become Empowered

Strong “Mom Skills” don’t just come in a box with a pretty bow on top. And they don’t just download automatically.

They take work. They take commitment. And they also take time.

But they are SO worth it!

Discover new “Mom Skills.” Beef up ones you already have. You can do it! Start today.


You’re a Busy Mom. And You Have Questions.

We’ve collated the most commonly asked questions about Mom Keep Calm’s membership levels.

What are the membership differences?

The key differences between the membership levels really have to do with what works best for you.

Chick Posse is designed for women who might be working with a limited budget or who don’t have time to attend group sessions. Possibly both! So, Chick Posse is more of a DIY-kind of membership. Plug in. Get what you need. You control the timeline. Boom!

Sorority Sisters includes everything in Chick Posse, but adds the group membership element. This means that even if they can’t attend a group session, they’ll still have access to the recording (video and audio files) for as long as they’re a member at this level.

Mama Bear Care is the highest membership level (currently). It includes all the goodness in Sorority Sisters but adds a monthly one-on-one (private) session with Janet. Of course, the upside of this is that you can cover things you would not feel comfortable sharing even in a closed-group.

What does it cost?

It depends on the membership level. For instance, Chick Posse is just over 50 cents a day, paid monthly, for Charter Members. We know how busy you are, and we’ve set up a convenient payment system so you don’t even have to think about it.

If you ever need to cancel your membership, we make that simple too. And you are always welcome to re-join! However, it is possible that membership pricing may increase while you are away, in which case you’d be returning at the current price.

What else do i have access to as a member?

We’re developing other cool and fun things to plug into. As a member of any of our membership levels, you are entitled to discounts on admission for many of our offers, including our signature program, The Neutral Zone. We even have plans for an annual retreat. Please refer to the events section for more information.

What kinds of topics can I expect to see covered?

We cover topics that relate to every aspect of your life, starting with how to be the best mom you can be. So, our focus leans toward “parenting.” And…we recognize that being a great mom isn’t just about parenting skills. It’s about becoming our best selves. So we get into that, too. How do I manage my time like a boss? What tricks can I use to listen better…to anyone? Can you show me ways to maintain my confidence, no matter what is happening? We want you to be a CALM Mom, right? 😊

Each month (in our Sorority Sisters group coaching we bring you amazing resources that will keep you moving forward, as a great mom and a marvelous woman.

How do I invite my friends to become members?

Have them connect with Mom Keep Calm through our Facebook community page, for starters! As we add more social media platforms, we’ll let you know on the homepage of this site.

In addition, joining the membership program is an amazing opportunity for friends to stay connected. Plus, it gives you the chance to meet new friends and to receive the inspiration and support to be your best as a mom and awesome woman!

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about membership?

Please contact us at support(at)momkeepcalm(dot)com.

Free Courses

Not ready to join the tribe yet? No problem, Mama Bear.

There are loads of free resources for you on Mom Keep Calm just waiting for you:

  • Look for the High 5 videos
  • Watch a webinar
  • Download a just-in-time workbook
  • Join a special FREE Zoom event
  • And much, much more…

Premium Memberships

We have three membership levels:

  1. Chick Posse is perfect for the moms with CRAZY schedules they must work around
  2. Sorority Sisters is perfect for the moms who grow best in the company of a group, and thrive when there’s accountability
  3. Mama Bear Care includes everything that Chick Posse and Sorority Sisters deliver… AND includes private, customized and confidential coaching from Janet. 💕

Ready to get started?

Pick the option that fits your needs the most… right now!   [Prefer annual options? Go here.]

Chick Posse
Perfect for the Busy DIY Mom
This plan is designed for moms who are planning ahead of the teen years
Nothing to Schedule
Inspirational Memes
Monthly podcast/interview
Sign Up Now
Sorority Sisters
Perfect for Moms Wanting a Sisterhood
This plan is designed for moms who are dealing (pre)teen daughters
Inspirational Memes
Monthly podcast/interview
Moderated group coaching calls (2 per month)
Access to all group call recordings
Being part of an empowering, candid and safe group
Sign Up Now
Mama Bear Care
Perfect for Moms Needing Help...Now
This plan is designed for moms who are in crisis with their (pre)teen daughters
Inspirational Memes
Monthly podcast/interview
Moderated group coaching calls (2 per month)
Access to all group call recordings
Being part of an empowering, candid and safe group
💝 One-to-one individual coaching with Janet
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