Learn To Play Guitar

I’ll help you help your child or teenager learn guitar.

Did you know that nine out of ten children want to learn a musical instrument? And learning to play the guitar is fun when your teacher makes sure that fun is the foundation for learning.

That’s what I do…

This is a passion of mine…as a “side-hustle” that brings a special joy in the midst of my full time (non-guitar focused) work.


Janet Lund, Songwriter
Janet Lund, Founder of MomKeepCalm

About Me

Hi! I’m Janet.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was eight years old. In fact, I bought my first guitar with my own allowance, saved up over what seemed like forever! My mom was my first guitar teacher, and she instilled in me a deep joy of playing guitar. She also gave me a pathway for teaching children gently, so they blossom as the learn.

Since those early years, I’ve added a few more guitars along the way. I’ve performed in front of audiences around the world, usually playing my own songs. This has been a wonderful experience, of course.

And it also brings me great joy teaching kids how to play guitar! I’ve been doing that for MANY years.

Enjoy listening to a handful of my own songs (played for guitar students!). And check out the guitar lesson course options for my members.

Mama Bear Blues

Sweet Idaho

How the Years Roll By

Blue Strings

Construction Man Blues

© These songs are written and performed by Janet Lund. All rights reserved. You can find more of her music on iTunes.

Guitar Lessons

From your very first beginning lesson through intermediate, we have perfected kid-friendly training for right handed—and left handed—players.

Guitar + Songwriting Lessons

For the learner with some experience (doesn’t need to be a lot!), this course if perfect for the creative who wants to not only play but to write their own songs.

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