5 Simple Steps To Connect With Your Teen Daughter

The just-in-time guide that busy, hurting moms need to reconnect—calmly—with their pre-teen and teen daughter.


About The Book

The Greatest Desire of Motherhood

We understand. We’ve been there. I, like you, am the mom of a daughter. Plus, I’ve worked with hundreds of moms and daughters in my career.

As a result, I’m deeply committed to bringing calm to moms everywhere. Especially moms with pre-teen and teen daughters.


Because the worst fear is that she has already pulled away from you, and you will never have the close loving relationship you long for.

No mom should live with that fear. Ever.

That’s why I created L.O.V.E.D. It provides you with clear action steps (just 5 of them), so you can quickly turn things around.

Imagine! No more conflict. Instead, you both enjoy understanding, and move from heartbreak to hope, from pain to peace.

Pretty little girl sitting on my back porch.
I’m wonderin’ how did we get here?
Cause I swear it was only yesterday,
your voice first rang out in my ear.
Pretty young girl sitting in my driveway,
in my car on the driver’s side.
Independence is just round the bend,
so I hide a tear and cheer you on to fly.

— from How The Years Roll By, by Janet Lund


L.O.V.E.D. offers moms a path to connect with their daughters in a fresh, real way. Drawing on tested strategies and real-life experience, Janet Lund provides wisdom and a hug for moms who want to mend or strengthen their relationship with their daughters.
— Stacy Ennis, Author, Speaker, Wife, Mom

What’s Inside


Simple Steps

Gentle guidance



You know, in real life…


Genuine Help

This really works!


New Skills

Quickly learned. Yay!


Restored Calm

Yes! Yes! Yes!


Dissolved Anxiety

Bring it! Bring it now!


Hello, Mom!

  Welcome to L.O.V.E.D. This book was written just for you, Mom. To help you and your daughter connect heart-to-heart once again.

  Being a mama bear is a rewarding job but also the most difficult job in the world. This is especially true as your bear cub has nearly matured into a full-grown bear. It is amazing how quickly those little cub years go by, isn’t it? One minute she’s an infant in your arms; the next she’s ready to take on the world.

  Now something new is brewing. That lighthearted bear you knew so well does not come out and play as often anymore. Now she is older and moodier. Harder to connect with. Sometimes she even seems aloof.  

  Growing from childhood into adulthood is a complicated journey. Hormones are kicking in, both her body and brain are changing, and a whole new range of emotions is being discovered. All these changes make it hard for her to feel confident, communicate clearly, and problem-solve. For her it is both scary and overwhelming.

 You can’t protect your daughter from these changes, but you can support her through them. How? By making her feel completely LOVED!

  Of course, loving your daughter has been your mission all along. No question about it! But now it feels like your messages of love no longer reach her heart. The changes that your daughter is going through have an impact on you too, Mom. It can be nerve-rattling at times! Your sweet girl who used to always look up to you now is lashing out at you. This can be hard on your confidence as a parent and as a person.

  L.O.V.E.D. will fill your relational toolbelt with the tools you need to (1) replace your feelings of anxious intimidation with calm confidence, (2) nurture a relationship of trust with your daughter, and (3) ensure that your daughter will hear your love for her loud and clear.




I am so excited about this book taking its place alongside other helpful parenting books. Reading this book will give you a clear step-by-step strategy to engage your teen daughter in a powerful connection with you that enhances her brain development and your impact on her as an individual and possibly a future parent. Janet’s writing style is totally nonjudgmental and full of hope—something every parent needs.

Cathy Gwin, Psy. D

Sitting down with L.O.V.E.D. is like curling up with a cup of coffee and a dear sister you can confide in. Author, Janet Lund, takes what can be an excruciating period for mothers and daughters and gives her readers a simple step-by-step guide on how to cut through the noise and reconnect. Moms who are struggling to communicate with their pre-teen and teenage daughters….and (dare I say it?) older daughters…will find Janet’s exercises both engaging and helpful as they reconnect with their daughters!

Lori Knutson, Mother and Teacher

I am a mom to teens. Add in that I’m a publishing professional and entrepreneur and my life is full. It feels as if there is no time in the day to connect with my children. Janet’s book took me through easily integrated daily steps to show my kids they are L.O.V.E.D. I feel closer to them because of that. I highly recommend you buy this book.

Renee Settle, Speaker, Holistic Ghostwriter,
12 Minutes a Day LLC

I absolutely love L.O.V.E.D.! After our son lost his wife to breast cancer, I became GrandMom to their son and daughter. Having raised boys I’m the first to admit I have no clue what to do with this growing girl. Janet’s done it again - first with her Mom Keep Calm High Five video series, and now L.O.V.E.D. I’m so much more well equipped to navigate these unchartered waters successfully, helping our Gabbie to thrive into adulthood!

Sandy Jones, Publisher, Christian Living Magazine

I wish this book had been available when my daughter was a teen. I know the challenges that mom’s go through while raising a teen daughter. In this book Janet makes you feel as though you are not alone and that whatever you may be going through, including how you are feeling, is ok. She doesn’t leave you there; She walks with you on the path to creating a calm presence with your daughter from an introspective look. This book is a must have for every teen daughter momma.

Jena Harris, Author & Healing Minister, SISTERHOOD

About the author

Janet Lund, Founder of MKC

Janet Lund is a youth minister with many years of experience working with teenagers, including her own daughter. She lives in Boise, Idaho, where she enjoys the company of her husband, daughter, and pets.

She is also a certified NILD instructor, serving at Joshua Institute in Idaho.



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