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Frequently Asked

What's your experience?

Well, technically I’m a “Master Coach” (which sounds much more official than it really is).

But it’s my 30+ years of experience working directly with moms and teen girls that empowers me to help moms just like you make quick progress at reclaiming their calm, and restore the love.

And 25+ years of being the mom of my own girl helps, too. 😉

What's your process?

It’s very simple: we talk.

Actually, you do more of the talking and I do a lot of listening.

Once I have a good grasp of what your challenge is—and I check with you to confirm I’ve listened to you well—then we’ll talk about what our next best step is.

Sound good?

What's it cost?

Great question!

Of course, it depends on your situation as well as your sense of urgency.

For a lot of moms, joining the Chick Posse is just perfect for them. They need some timely resources to get over a current hurdle. Other moms really yearn for a supportive group to be a part of; that’s exactly what Sorority Sisters provides them. Then there are moms who are in place of deep pain and need immediate help to strategize a path beyond it. Mama Bear Care is perfect for them.

Check out the “Calm Mom Courses” page under “Sign Up” (on the menu bar at the top of the page) to discover more.

When can I start?

As quick as you want! Why not start today?

A great place to begin is with our completely free High Fives for Moms.

Also, check out Janet’s great Whisperings blogs.

Online Coaching Resources

L.O.V.E.D. eBook

L.O.V.E.D. is a powerful guide for conquering all of your “relationship mountains.”

Checo out the positive comments from moms with daughters (and also a grandmom), as well as an endorsement from a clinical therapist.

The Essentials of Listening

We all take for granted our listening skills. But that’s part of the problem. See how assuming that we’re listening to our daughters actually gets in the way of actually hearing them.

The Neutral Zone

This is our flagship course for helping frustrated moms navigate the troubled waters of adolescence with their (pre)teen daughter.

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