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The High Five for Mom Video Series gets right to the heart of one epic resource for you, in 5 minutes or less. Easy to apply the lesson. Massive results from each one. Topics are listed next to each video.

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Have you noticed how quickly we can forget to review our goals? Whether these are short-term goals for next week, annual goals, or even life-goals, normal day-to-day living gets in the way.

That’s why vision boards are so essential to our progress, as well as our mindset. And especially our enthusiasm!

In these two videos, I break it down for both your child and for you, Mom. Enjoy!

♥ Janet

Goal Chasing, Her Edition

Welcome to High 5 for Mom! These videos are to give you some TLC, a great parenting tip, and maybe even a smile, all in 5 minutes or less.

Check out today’s project. It will help your child find a goal for the year to chase. Doing this will teach them to focus, explore new things, and discover what they are made of.

Goal Chasing, Your Edition

During this High 5, it is your turn to work on a project to help you decide on a goal to chase, Mom! This will be good for your mental and emotional health. Taking care of you gives you the enthusiasm and energy to take care of your family. That’s a win for everyone!


Solid buildings–and relationships–are built on solid foundations.

In this 2-part series, we look at two foundational elements to making your heart sing, Mom.

First up: the family huddle. Whether your family huddle includes you and your child (or a pack of kids), the family huddle acts like oil in your engine or snow under your skis.

Second, the celebration journal. And you know what, Mom? This one is all about you. It’s designed for you-time.


♥ Janet

Smooth Running

Whether preparing to chase new goals or changing schedules the Family Huddle can make all the difference in how smoothly life flows for the entire family.

Celebration Nation

Discover how you can be your own cheerleader by creating a Celebration Journal. You won’t believe the impact it can make in your day! Being a happy mom makes you strong!


Enthusiasm Inspiration

When you and your child are both chasing down your goals, it opens doors to many great conversations, and opportunities to grow.

Let’s explore one of them, behind Door #1….

Fearless Failure

Behind Door #2 we look at how to help your child push thru the fear of failure…while chasing your goal.

Fear is the mind-killer. ~Muad’ Dib


Perfection Detection!

Behind Door #3 we unwrap simple but powerful steps you can use to help your child neutralize the pressure of perfection.

Plus you’ll get tips on empowering her to chase after her goals.

Perseverance Power

Being persistent, day in and day out, is a challenge. Right? Let’s just say it’s not for sissies. 😉 Still, it’s an essential skill to master.

Behind Door #4, we show it can be done. Consistently.

Responsibility Stability

Behind Door #5 we step back, pause, and make sure commitments at home, school, and extracurricular activities are still maintained … even while chasing our goals. Think: balance.

Crab Apocalypse?

Behind Door #6 you’ll hear a weird story you’ll want to share with your child! It’ll help you discuss a less than “tasty” crab. And no, we’re not talking about the ones that come from the beach.

Your Best BFF

Behind Door #7 we reveal the amazing power of becoming best friends with the person who keeps you company every minute of every day. It’s OK. You read that right. You can be your own bestie.

Their Best BFF

Behind Door #8 we identify the 6 traits that make a very good friend. Being a friend in the wacky world of social media…can be tricky. This great project will keep your kids consciously thinking about it daily.

Welcome Home

Behind Door #9 we talk about one simple tool you can give your child to surround themselves with good friends.

The beauty of this simple tool is that even though it’s “simple,” it’s really priceless.


Ignition Permission

Behind Door #10 we close our series of “great conversations” with perhaps the most important one you can have with your child.

Take it to heart. It will make all the difference in your relationship…and in their future.

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