About Mom Keep Calm

Janet Lund, Founder of MKC

Welcome, Mom… to Mom Keep Calm.

We are here for you! We want to shower you with encouraging words, tickle your funny bone with a little mom humor, and empower you with tools to enhance your mothering skills. We are here to help you, mom, keep calm.

One of the first and most surprising things we discover when we become moms is that someone else is living deep inside. Someone that we didn’t even know existed, our inner Mama Bear!

Like mama bears in the wilderness, once our cubs are born we want to protect them. A mama bear is very powerful and dangerous. She is purely fueled by fear when she smells any hint of danger. She will protect her cub with her life.

But there comes a time when our own Mama Bear has to be tamed. She needs to learn when to pause and reflect on the situation at hand. She must determine if the situation is as dangerous as you immediately sensed it might be. In order to do this, our Mama Bear must learn to keep calm.

It is important to keep calm, so we are thoughtful with our choice of words and communicate clearly with our cubs. This, of course, is not an easy task! That is why Mom Keep Calm exists! We are here for you! Mom Keep Calm.

Mom Keep Calm is the brainchild of Janet Lund, Master Relationship Coach.

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