The Day the Music Started

Music Lifts the Heart

During this in-depth, vibrant interview with Lara Helmling (the brilliant hostess of The Jesus Files Podcast), Janet shares how music has been a part of her life. She started young. Things went great for many years, and then her health took a nasty downturn.

And her music nearly died. Because she began her life with music when she was a little girl, this represented a huge loss.

Things had gone great for many years. But suddenly, her health took a nasty downturn. Within months of her daughter’s birth, she went from playing regular gigs to pervasive weakness in her hands so severe that she couldn’t even cut vegetables without dropping the knife.

And Music Carries the Soul

Besides sharing very openly about her struggle, Janet explains why music is essential for finding your calm, your purpose and your connection with the world around you. Especially connecting with your loved ones.

And a bonus is that she pulls out her guitar and sings one of her own songs during the interview with Lara. It’s amazing! Have the tissue box nearby.


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