Are you ready to supercharge your mom journey?

Being a mom to a (pre)teen daughter isn’t for sissies, is it?

Can you relate?

🤔 Have you wondered “Am I a good mother?”

🤔 Have you regretted verbal exchanges with your daughter?

🤔 Ever feel like you’re not worthy of a fantastic bond with your girl?

🤔 Is it an understatement to say you’re a “busy mom”?

🤔 Do you run out of day before you run out of things to do?

🤔 Do you ever feel isolated and unsupported?

🤔 Do you fear it’s too late to get yourself figured out?

🤔 Find yourself wishing you had a mom’s support group?

The Chick Posse Annual Membership is designed for super busy moms. >> It brings you what you need, when you need it.

What you will look forward to:

  • Realizing you are not alone
  • Getting time-saving tools and tricks…get more done in less time
  • Being surrounded by encouragement and support
  • Feeling empowered and uplifted
  • Breathing in calm and confidence (it’s never too late)
  • Confidence…knowing your enduring value and worth
  • Building lasting friendships with like-hearted women

What you will get in our members’ area?

  1. Generous array of benefits and exclusive programs.
  2. Materials designed to help you rock your mom world.
  3. Tools to help remove fear, increase your confidence and recover from setbacks.
  4. A mighty inspiring audio file (mp3) where you’ll listen in on Janet while she interviews her special guest. You’ll also receive Janet’s essential takeaways and strategies from the interview.
  5. An interview guide so you can easily follow along, jotting down notes and key ideas for when they’ll be most helpful.
  6. An inspirational blog from Janet, full of additional strategies to empower you.
  7. Ninja Tips Sheet: Busy moms need all the help they can get. Sometimes, these tips will come from Janet’s guest. Some of them may come from new research. And some of them will come from our members.
  8. Live video call with Janet, delivered right to your favorite device! Each month, we hope to see you during a live video coaching call. You’ll be able to interact with Janet and other members on a “hot topic.” Often, this topic will be determined by members’ input on surveys we send out. Got pain points? We’ll cover them here. Not only will you get Janet’s insights during this coaching call, you’ll connect with other Chick Posse You may even win one of Janet’s autographed CDs, or other exclusive swag.
  9. Exclusive access to the private Chick Posse Facebook group. You may just discover that it becomes the best part of your membership experience.
  10. Discounts to our special events (annual retreat) and other programs.
  11. You may feature your business, product or service in our weekly feature on the private Chick Posse Facebook page called #MKCMondayMom

How you will get to your members’ area?

  • We have a dedicated and private website just for you.
  • All the resources of the Chick Posse Monthly Membership group will be accessible to you:
    • Monthly coaching tip from Janet
    • Monthly podcast interview of a mom just like…in fact, it might be you, if you want!
    • Audio files
    • Video files
    • Templates
    • Workbooks
    • Guides
    • Inspirational memes
    • Downloads
    • Links to other resources we believe in
  • Discounts to our special events (annual retreat) and other programs.
  • You may feature your business, product or service in our weekly feature on the private Chick Posse Facebook page called #MKCMondayMom

Chick Posse Annual Membership

Chick Posse is your community! It’s made up of moms just like you. Normal women having good days…and not so good days. Super-powered women, who inspire each other. They give support…and receive support. They are a tribe of dreamers committed to raising a generation of amazing, gifted and strong daughters who will change their world for the better.

We believe that only in community can we achieve our highest selves. We need a place to gather. A place to be safe while being vulnerable. Encouraged when we feel defeated. Empowering, when a sister needs a kind word.

More than anything, we all need a place to be real and authentic while becoming the best moms we can be.

We owe that to our daughters.

We want to model for them that being a woman of strength and integrity means being open and vulnerable.

That is where our membership program meets that need.

By joining our monthly program, you will have access to exactly what you need for your mom journey. You’ll discover the treasure within you. Together, in a fun and focused, nurturing environment, you’ll learn tested-in-the-trenches strategies that work. You will be an essential member in a vibrant community of moms…just like you.

Yes, please!

Yes, Janet, I want to join Chick Posse as an official member and receive all these amazing benefits.

Please bill my credit card for my membership of $170 per year…so I get 12 months for the price of only 10 months (get 2 months FREE)! I understand that I may cancel at any time by contacting the Chick Posse support center.





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