It’s How You Get The Magical Support You Deserve…

Do any of these describe you?

🤨 Never feel good about your progress?

🤨 Have you tried applying Chick Posse steps, only to have them backfire?

🤨 Feel like creating your neutral zone with your daughter just isn’t happening?

🤨 Life keeps getting in the way of building your own Sorority Sisters.

🤨 “I get it…mostly! But I could really use hands-on mentoring!”

🤨 Can’t get traction. You started—and stopped—using the steps. More than you once.

🤨 You feel some disgust with yourself for not doing better already.

🤨 You might even feel like no matter how hard you try it’s not going to work.

🤨 You wonder if you’re running out of time.

Would it empower you to:

  • Not be alone in your Sorority Sisters journey?
  • Get caring support while on your Sorority Sisters journey?
  • Receive amazing ideas from other moms just like you?
  • Be honored for sharing your ideas with other moms just like you?

But Sometimes You Feel Like a Loser

It’s OK. We understand. Sometimes it isn’t only about having the right information…it’s about how to apply the right information.

And sometimes, that’s the problem. Applying the tips to create your neutral zone with your daughter just isn’t happening as fast as you want. Or life is getting in the way. Or you need more hands-on mentoring.

You’ve tried the great tips and free tools available on Mom Keep Calm. You’ve even gone through all the resources in the Chick Posse. In fact, you’ve started and stopped using them more times than you can count. You really, really want a close, friction-free relationship with your beautiful daughter. Perhaps you even feel some disgust with yourself for not doing better already. Sometimes your fuse is too short. Sometimes her temper is just too snarky. You might even feel like no matter how hard you try it’s not going to work.

That’s a hard place to be. Not only is it hard on your feelings now, can you imagine what you’ll be feeling a year from now? Three years from now? After she’s left the nest?

Time is either on your side…or it isn’t.

Struggling with creating your own Sorority Sisters Group Coaching wasn’t your plan. Enjoying a strong, loving bond with your daughter was—and is—your plan. And it’s almost right there.

Waiting to figure this out isn’t an option. Time is on your side when you actively use it. When we sit idly by, time becomes our enemy. More conflict between you just means more work later to create your own Sorority Sisters.

You don’t want that. That peace and harmony that has eluded you, and disrupted your household, is achievable. It can be yours.

Whatever the reason for the current struggle, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

It’ll be OK. We have you covered.

Your New Magical Sisterhood, To The Rescue

Being a mom isn’t for sissies, right? And stepping up to being the best mom you can be…can be, well, “difficult.” Lack of sleep, too much stress, life’s little disasters, health issues…all of these (and more!) can derail your best-laid intentions.

Having a source of magic would be helpful sometimes, wouldn’t it?

You know what? You can have that.

Because, to another mom, you are magic!

And another mom—in fact, quite a few moms—will be your magic.

You’ll bring magic to each other.

Mom Keep Calm Sorority Sisterhood (group coaching)

Imagine getting loving support and encouragement while you are creating your amazing Sorority Sisters with your daughter! Introducing the Mom Keep Calm sisterhood. Moms just like you!

What the Sisterhood is:

The Sisterhood is a small group of women, who are moms just like you, who desire to gather together. They know that in the gentle and honest discussions that only a small group brings, their progress will accelerate.

  • Janet moderates monthly group coaching calls (90 minutes in length)
  • 3-months of coming together, as we build an amazing, powerful alliance of moms
  • These calls are recorded for the benefit of the moms in their respective Sisterhood group
  • Their conversations are available ONLY to the moms in their Sisterhood group
  • Group coaching is enhanced by small groups (no more than 6 moms at a time)
  • Sisterhood moms hold each other accountable
  • Sisterhood moms hold each other in grace, love and acceptance
  • Sisterhood moms embrace growth as being a messy process
  • Sisterhood moms willingly—daringly—accept that growth happens just at the edge of their comfort zone
  • Sisterhood moms protect that “growing edge” for each other, so their growth happens in safety

What the Sisterhood isn’t:

  • A place to rant, rage or gossip
  • An arena to nurture any feelings of victimhood
  • A clique where any mom is better than another

What would it be like to:

  • Not be alone in your Sorority Sisters journey?
  • Get caring support while on your Sorority Sisters journey?
  • Receive amazing ideas from other moms just like you?
  • Be honored for sharing your great ideas with other moms just like you?

Here’s A Summary of What You Get When You Join This Group:

  1. Direct, live group coaching by Janet in an intimate gathering with a handful of other like-hearted moms.
  2. Monthly Sorority Sisters group calls
    • The other moms in your group will become some of your dearest friends
  3. How-To Video Guides
    • Janet will create short videos for your Sisterhood group that directly address the core issues discussed
    • You will have access to these empowering videos, also:
      1. How to calm your daughter down with getting upset
      2. Modeling calm for your girl every day
      3. Listening to understand
      4. Speaking to be heard
      5. Three tools for keeping your love turned up to 11
  1. Exercises
    • In addition to the short training video, you’ll receive one or two new exercises to add into your nurturing you Neutral Zone
  2. Hand-outs
    • You’ll receive hand-outs (pdfs) of tools you can use by yourself, to enhance your journey into your best mom-self, in addition to tools you can do with your girl
  3. Group Covenant
    • We all remember how tough girls can be on each other. Thinking back on those days in junior high, well, *sigh*. Our Sisterhood Covenant is crafted to keep us accountable and loving, purposeful and gracious, intentional and you’ll love it!
  4. Interactive Quizzes
    • We have several kinds of quizzes we’ll use! You’ll get a kick out of them. Most will be for your group experience, but a few will be for you to use at home.
  5. And more! (Hey, we’re adding stuff as fast as we create it.)

Join Mom Keep Calm’s Sorority Sisters!

After learning everything revealed in this class you’ll have… just-in-time support from your Mom Keep Calm Sorority Sisterhood, which is full of magic, love and empowerment. 🥰🥰🥰

* Sorority Sisters also has an annual option. Click here to receive 12 months access for the price of just 9 (3 months FREE)! 😮😀😍





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